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My Brief Introduction - Biography

We are the family members of late Alijanab Alhaj T. Yousuf Naik Sahib, dedicate this work to our beloved father. We feel honoured by publishing this web site. I Alhaj Dr. Zaheer Ahmed Baqavi 'Rahi Fidai' (M.A., M.F.B., Ph.D.) is happy to publish my work and dedications.

My esteemed father Al-haj Tatwale Yousuf Naik Saheb Nawwarallahu Marqadah (d. 1992 AD) was a member of an illustrious family which had a glorous past. The family was highly distinguished and renowned in the region. His great grand father Hadharat Sultan Naik was a miltary Officer in the centuries old Matli Dynasty ruler of Rayalseema Raja Anant Raju (1606 - 1614 AD).

At that time the state was stationed at the town of Nandalur in the Cuddapah district on a border post on a hill where from he used to maintain vigilant watch over enemy movements. On an occasion in a surprise raid during darkness of the night a large contingent of Maratha invaders attacked the outpost. Sultan Naik and his valiant soldiers defended the post with great courage and valour. When sultan Naik's abdomen got stabbed, he tied his turban on the wounded abdomen and continued fighting valiantly till the enemy took to heels. By that time Sultan Naik suffered throes of death succumbing to his fatal wounds. When the report of this incident reached the ruler, Anant Raju rushed to the spot. Recognising and appreciating the valour of Sultan Naik, he granted an endowment (fief) for the family of the dead warrior and awarded the military title "N A I K" to the departed soldier. Details of the fief were inscribed on a brass plate. It comprises the adjoining forest on the hill and 70 acres of agriculture land. Since the area on the hill was surronded that (bank), the adjacent land is known in the regional language (Telgu) as Veerula Tattu i.e. "Vally of the Valiant". This became the family title "Tatwale". The spot where Sultan Nail breathed his last was converted into a hospice where later generations planted their standards (flags). The place continues to remain a shrine till today. The British administration sough legal permission from Tatwale family when railway track from Madras to Bombay was laid and the family was granted documents recognizing their claim.

My father Yousuf Nak Saheb's father Hadharat Tatwale Peer Naik (d 1947 AD) was an extremely pious and generous elder man. His entire life was personification of the Sunnah. Not only did he spend a major part of his youth in the auspicious company of Sufi Saint Allama Syed Shah Ali Murad Shah Bukhari Qadri Shahmiri (d 1310 Ah - 1891 AD) but also became his disciple (by oath of allegiance). These noble attributes was inherited by his son Alhaj T. Yusuf Naik Saheb in his temperament. For this very reason except the earlier years of his life he too rigorously followed the Sunnah. In spite of being a responsible officer of the government of the period he retained his features and appearance according to the dictates of the Shariah. Since, he an ardent admirer of excellence in character and believed in righteous conduct, he was a pillar of the administrative machinery as an able and competent administrator having a brilliant and spotless career. For this reason he was extremely popular and highly esteemed person among his subordinates as well as among his superior officers.

This writer learnt and gained much under his guardianship specially his frank and fearless adherence to truth and his commitment to Divine Faith, honesty which he has also imbibed into his own life. Hence when China invaded India 1962, the government had issued instructions to collect contributions (towards National Defense Fund) from merchants and contributions to all the Tashildars. At that time bags and purchase stuffed with currency notes were in his custody lying in a locked room. Whenever children used to pass the room, he would sternly scold us, "Don't go near the room. there is a trust treasured therein". Similarly, he was Tahsildar at Pulivendula, a huge treasure of gold coins was unearthed during excavations at a house. When the face was brought to the knowledge of the administration, it was promptly seized by the authorities. When the treasure was brought before him it was a collection of big and small coins. As children we desired to keep one small one as memento, he became extremely furious and drove us away from there warning that it was trust from the government. Hence one is not supposed to even touch it. There are several such incidents treasured in our memory and hearts which keep us reminding of his sense of honesty, integrity. By Allah's grace, we feel privileged and blessed by such kind of righteous guidance in our own affairs.

The book "Highlights of the Officialdom" is an account of his characteristics. It is a mirror reflecting his life and the time he lived in, which brilliantly bring forth his life, principles and the ideals he lived with. This publication on our part is our gesture accept this humble deed for His favour and make it a source of inspiration to us. Ameen..